Jugendfeuerwehr Stuttgart-Heumaden

Youth Fire Brigade Stuttgart-Heumaden (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

The fire brigade Stuttgart is an organisation paid by the city of Stuttgart to save the live of human beeings, pets etc., to fight fires and to help people in critical situations.

At the youth fire brigade enfants in ages from 10 to 18 years can learn how to use the equipment of the fire engines. These practical things they can show at presentations and the Leistungsspange der Deutschen Jugendfeuerwehr, where they have to make some sports, too.

But nevertheless we are a normal youth group making normal things like playing volleyball, soccer etc., singing and going to youth camps. For more then 10 years we went to Murnau / Staffelsee, where we lived in a house directly at the lake. The place where we went to at our second camp was changing every year.

If you are living in Stuttgart-Heumaden and you are getting interested in our group, then we would be very pleased to welcome you at one of our meeting dates or try to contact one of us. The adresses can be found on the German version of this text.

Manuel Eckardt
Last modified: 11/16/2002